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Publish Any Task

Do you have a lot of work to do but have no much time? Just release them to the public with appropriate bonus.

Looking for Tasks

Do you want to do something and get paid in your spare time? Congratulations! You have come to the right place.

Step 1: Someone create some tasks

The publisher create some tasks with title, category, deadline, content and bonus in the publisher dashboard. These tasks will appear at the open task panel.

Step 2: Accept the Task and Upload Your Works

Normal user will see the task list in the open task panel. He/She can take it, then the task will appear at his/her processing panel. Once finishing the task, he/she archives the works using zip format and upload it in this portal. Someone will review it later.

Step 3: Review the Task Finished by Users

The task uploaded by users will be reviewed.For example, A+ Content works will be reviewed according to this standard but not only these items. Please check the status of your task, if they are refused you can see the detail and refused history.

Step 4: Get Paid If Your Works Was Accepted

After reviewing the works, the approver decides to accept or refuse the works. If it's refused, the author needs to do some modification according to the refuse reason. If it's accepted, you will receive the bonus in a month.